Upcoming Event: “Periscope Revival” with 9 Gospel Preachers

Wes  —  November 3, 2015
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Many congregations do an annual “gospel meeting” or “revival.” They invite one preacher to come preach a series of lessons in one building to one group of people. These events are great, but what if we could use technology to include multiple preachers and reach thousands of people all over the world? Well, that’s exactly what is about to happen! I’m very excited to be a part of an upcoming event and I want you to know all about it.

periscope revival

What is the “Periscope Revival”?

PeriscopeRevival_IGOn eight evenings in November, gospel preachers from around the country will broadcast lessons about gratitude. You can watch live from your computer or smartphone.

The app you can watch from is called “Periscope.” It’s a free app and it’s free to create a Periscope account. However, if you are unable to – or would rather not – download the app, you can also watch from your computer or tablet.

The schedule of speakers is listed below, as well as links to follow them on Periscope or just click to watch when the broadcast begins each night.

The Schedule (begins each night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern)

Monday, November 9 – Gregory Alan Tidwell (Columbus, OH)

Watch online (Follow on Periscope @GATidwell)

Tuesday, November 10 – Robert Hatfield (Charleston, SC)

Watch online (Follow on Periscope @roberthatfield)

Thursday, Nov. 12 – Jerry Elder and Dale Jenkins (Spring Hill, TN)

Watch online (Follow on Periscope @TheJerryElder)

Friday, November 13 – Todd Clippard (Hamilton, AL)

Watch online (Follow on Periscope @ToddClippard

Monday, November 16 – Adam Faughn (Haleyville, AL)

Watch online (Follow on Periscope @faughn4)

Tuesday, November 17 – Brandon Edwards (Lewisville, TX)

Watch online (Follow on Periscope @FioreUnited)

Thursday, November 19 – Michael Hite (Denver, CO)

Watch online (Follow on Periscope @theministrygeek)

Friday, November 20 – Wes McAdams (Abilene, TX)

Watch online (Follow on Periscope @wesmcadams)

What is so special about this?

  1. Get to hear great biblical lessons on gratitude.
  2. Get to hear preachers from all over the country.
  3. Get to participate in a live Q&A with the speaker after the lesson (for those who use the Periscope app).
  4. People can watch from their homes, their offices, their cars, or wherever they happen to be.
  5. People who wouldn’t normally attend a gospel meeting will tune in.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this, we’re using technology to do a “gospel meeting” in a whole new way. We hope and pray many people are encouraged by this event and that God is glorified by it. Would you mind helping us spread the word by sharing this post on social media? That way all of your friends, family, and followers will know about this exciting event!

I want to give special acknowledgement to Adam Faughn, who is the organizer and mastermind of this event. You can find his blog at FaugnFamily.com.

I love you and God loves you,

Wes McAdams