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As I read through Genesis, as part of my 2018 reading plan, I tried to assume I didn’t know how the grand narrative of the Bible would end. I tried to carry as few biases and preconceived notions with me as possible. Though it’s important to attempt to do just that, I’m not sure any of us can truly do that. Regardless, here are seven things I observed as I read:

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I was going to wait and write a review on this book when I finish reading it. But, because it is free today, I want to go ahead and let everyone know how great of a book it is! If you have not yet read Michael Whitworth’s, The Epic of God: A Guide to Genesis, this is your chance to pick it up for free!

This fellow preacher and brother in Christ is a fantastic author and has done a phenomenal job on this book! His humor and insight shine through on every page. This is one of those books I hate to put down; I can’t wait to finish reading it.

Lord willing, I will write a complete review of The Epic of God when I finish reading it. So, stop reading this and click here to go over to Amazon and download the Kindle version now. If you do so today (Saturday, March 2, 2013), you will get it free!

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